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Share Speaker Player
Company name:
James Zeng
Current version:
Release date:
Saturday, August 15, 2009
Program Type:
Windows XP/Vista/2003/2008
  • Currently 1.6/5 Stars.
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 Rated 1.6/5 stars (2208 votes cast)
Actual user comment from
"Share Speaker Player is a cool utility that lets you play music on a speaker connected to any computer through the network. All you have to do is install and run this tool on your computer and the computer to which the speaker is connected."

Actual user comment from
"Share Speaker Player is an easy application that let you to manage music and share speakers in LAN with high quality."

Actual user comment from
"A lot of resources have become shared like printers and hard drives. Networking speakers is a pretty cool little twist. Poor audio from my laptop is something I’ve learned to live with. If this application lives up to its promises, maybe I won’t have to deal with my tinny speakers."

Description and features:
Share Speaker Player is a network audio player that makes it possible to share speakers on a LAN network with high quality. This software will save money and time for you, playing music from every computer on the network using only one pair of speakers. This can be very convenient both in homes and offices.

Imagine an office environment full of all kinds of speakers. With Share Speaker network audio player this can be reduced to only one set of speakers, reducing the background noise. It is of course also possible, to only play music on the local computer.

Step 1: Install the software on the computers in your office or home.

Step 2: Start the Share Speaker network music player on your computer; you will see a list of computers running the program.

Step 3: Select the songs and the computer connected to the speakers u want to use, and click the 'Play' button. Your good to go!


Verdict: Share Speaker Player is the right network music player, if u are looking for a piece of software to share speakers on a network.

Go to the Official Share Speaker Player Website